Eric Link - Bio

I'm a software architect, product manager and software developer who helps startups, small businesses and large enterprises conceptualize and build software products.

My technical expertise is in software architecture, web technologies, user experience (UX), mobile devices and text messaging.

My roles have included software architect, CTO, product manager, startup co-founder, technical team leader and application developer. I also have a deep background in health care and behavior change.

Before starting my consulting business, I held a security clearance and spent 15 years as a technologist and consultant delivering projects for large companies such as EDS (HP), Viant, USWest, JP Morgan, ICI and startups such as Diabetech, healthimo,, and DCM (demand chain management).

Specialties: Software architecture, internet technologies, product development, user experience (UX), behavior change, medical devices, health care, HIPAA, 510k, wireless devices.

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Health Care Experience (pdf)